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Mas Evacuation Training
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Fire Fighting Training

We have legacy of executing process since 2004, Power and Energy construction, Oil and Gas construction, Mining Tank Construction, Waste Management, Automotive Part Storage, and Equipment and Storage. We learn from best teacher and more practice improve nicely quality, speed up, productivity, and fully coverage customer satisfaction and challenging project require precision and vigilance, many but with our strong focus on QHES ( Quality Health Environment and Safety ) at every step, we are able to surmount all difficulties.

An injury-free track record because of excellent safety standards, competent and effective project management skills, and timely completion of QHES program have been the company’s forte. Safety measures that the company has knitted into the framework of functioning take into account perceived risk, practicality, compliance with regulations and recognition of social norms.

Risk assessment and safety analysis are mandatory at every site. Once the risk are identified, control measures area taken before work commence. Continuous health and safety surveillance is maintained with safety audits carried out regular intervals. New incumbents are taken through safety orientation programs, highlighting hazard identification techniques and emergency procedures. Daily toolbox talks at different sites are conducted. Monthly safety award are given for best practices to motivate staff and enhance involvement and awareness.

Regular mock fire drills are conducted to endure familiarity and reduce response time, evaluate and implement areas for improvement. Latest technology is adopted to minimize risk levels and human error, including automatic welding witch eliminates exposure to toxic smoke, radiation and high heat.

We involve all employee to learn and identify predictable accident in workplace and aware them upon small accident with assistance safety chairman. And encourage employees to follow rules and our campaign every morning “ Utamakan Keselamatan kerja, hasilkan Kualitas Terbaik, Respon Yang Cepat

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