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Jl. Bantarjati No.94, Kec. Klapanunggal, Kab. Bogor

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Board of Director :
Tarcisius Sarwoko (Marketing & Engineering Director), Haryono (Operational Director), Mrs. Cicih Mintarsih (Finance & Accounting Director) Munarky (President Director)

We very thanked to a friend and partners that always help in company goal achievement, we realize still many things required to be finished, either form develop worker mentality and professionalism in facing globalization and competition that are so tightening for a period of now.

We believe with offer the very best goods and services to satisfy customer needs, build tecnical expertise, realize changes and strive for consistent growth, contributing to creating a better society and environment, with a firm awareness of our social responsibility, and the last aim to provide useful and safe product and services include quality and cost.

We respect the rights of all individuals and will endeavor to make our workplaces safe, sound and energetic, strive to respect the personality and individuality of our employess and support their profesional development and career to enable self realization.

Pursuit of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction can not be achieved unless our employees are satisfied, we will secure the safety of our workplaces and improve our corporate atmosphere by rewarding good performace and punishing poor performance allocating exceptional human resource and treating all personel fairly. And we will work hard to harmonize with the community and society in order to develop our business even more. And aim to obtain encouraging informality and openness in comunications at all levels

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